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  • David Skaggs



Project TitleTemporary Bone Filler
Track Code2010-005
Short Description

Technology Summary: An implantable device for temporarily filling a hole in a bone.


Background: Bone surgery, such as spinal fusion surgery, craniofacial reconstruction/trauma and dentistry, can require that holes be made in the bone. For example, patients who have undergone surgery involving the placement of a screw into a bone will have a hole in the bone when the screw is removed. In situations where removal of the screw is permanent, bone can regrow and close the hole over time. However, there are situations where temporary removal of a screw is necessary, such as when an infection develops at the site of implantation of the screw. Frequently, after treatment and clearance of the infection, a new screw is implanted at the same site as the original screw. During the infection clearing period, which generally lasts a minimum of six weeks but often up to six months or more, new bone typically forms and fills the space left by the removed screw. The newly formed bone is harder and denser than the original bone, making it much more difficult for the surgeon to drill into the new bone in order to put in a new screw. This difficulty also results in increased risks associated with the surgery, particularly damage to surrounding tissue if a drill or other tool or implant is diverted to a different location.

Technology Description: This invention addresses the need for a temporary bone filler that is highly biocompatible, decreases and/or abolishes bone growth, can be easily removed and helps clear infection. The device will facilitate subsequent surgeries at the same site and prevent possible complications during re-implantation of a screw.


  • Spinal fusion surgery and other non-spine applications
  • Implant site infection, implant rejection, necessity of removing implants due to untoward sequlae (spine implants that led to paralysis), poor soft-tissue healing over implants, etc.


  • No such device currently addresses this issue
  • Can be provided as part of a kit

Development Stage:

  • Design specifications in progress

IP Protection: PCT application filed

Tagsbone surgery, spinal surgery, craniofacial reconstruction, bone re implantation
Posted DateMar 12, 2012 2:56 PM


David Skaggs

Intellectual Property

Patent Number Issue Date Type Country of Filing
PCT/US2011/044235 None Other Patent United States